Lottery Sambad today Night lottery Result 8 PM

If you are looking for today’s Lottery sambad Night Result at 8pm? So you have come to the right website and right post. Today we will know about the lottery sambad Night Result 8 pm Result. You can download this in the Night Lottery Result Pdf.

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Night Lottery 8 pm Prize List

1st Prize Rupees- 25.31 Lakh
Cons. PrizeRupees-1000/-
2nd PrizeRupees- 9000/-
3rd PrizeRupees- 500/-
4th PrizeRupees- 250/-
5th PrizeRupees- 120/-

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Night Lottery Result Today 8pm

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Night Lottery Game Names List

1) Dear Flamingo Evening Weekly Lottery Result
2) Dear Ostrich Evening Weekly Lottery Result
3) Dear Hawk Evening Weekly Lottery Result
4) Dear Falcon Evening Weekly Lottery Result
5) Dear Vulture Evening Weekly Lottery Result
6) Dear Parrot Evening Weekly Lottery Result
7) Dear Eagle Evening Weekly Lottery Result
The First Winner gets a Winning Amount of Rupees 1 Lakh at the Night Lottery Result. The second Winner gets Rupees 9000 and the Third Winner gets Rupees 500. As well as the Fourth Prize Rupees 10’s.

Updated: June 21, 2020 — 3:06 pm

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