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Dhankesari is a lottery system that well gets all lottery results all over India. Dhankesari lottery sambad today is very famous all over in our country. many people playing dhankesari lottery regularly.

There are some states all over in India like Kerala state, Sikkim State, and Mizoram State that also regulate dhankesari whole lottery system.

Dhankesari is one of the best platforms in India where people buys lottery tickets and win great money.

the cost of the tickets is the only RS 6. per page so anyone buys at least 5 pages the total cost is 30 Rs only.

About Dhankesari

Dhankesari is a lottery system where people may buy a ticket and have a chance to win a 16 lakhs prize in a day. Dhankesari result is announced on a daily basis three times a day is 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM, 8:00 PM.

The most important part of this lottery tickets, it is so cheaper than another lottery

Lottery result draw three times in a Day

  • Dhankesari Lottery Result time 11:55 AM
  • Dhankesari Lottery Result time 4:00 PM
  • time 8:00 PM Dhankesari Lottery Result

11:00 AM Dhankesari Lottery Result

Dhankesari Lottery Result at 11:00 AM named Sikkim state lottery result updated here on www.sikkimstatelottery.com.

But you can also check form here. The highest price of the Sikkim state lottery is 16 lakh. please wait if you want to check today results.

Dhankesari Lottery Result 4:00 PM

The second lottery result held at 4:00 PM name as west Bengal state lottery. the highest price of the West Bengal state lottery is 16 Lakh.

Buy the west Bengal state lottery ticket and have a chance to win the first prize. You may also try your luck there are five prizes with different values. So keep trying because it is very cheap in price.

Dhankesari Lottery Result 8:00 PM

The third and most famous lottery named Nagaland State Lottery held at 8:00 PM. many people buy the Nagaland state lottery ticket to win a great prize.

The Nagaland state lottery most and the popular lottery of India. if you want to check today’s lottery results so you connected with us to check dhankesari lottery result 8:00 PM.

Updated: June 25, 2020 — 6:20 am

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